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emergency.lu is a mobile, satellite-based, telecommunications platform created to re-establish communications following man-made or natural disasters to support the coordination efforts of humanitarian organisations in the field.

Solution Concept

End-to-End Solution

emergency.lu provides an end-to-end solution for rapid emergency telecommunication services recovery. It effectively is made of different layers.

A service in different layers

Easily-to-deploy user equipment

Network services

Satellite connectivity

Lifecycle Services

Global Connectivity

emergency.lu is based on the SKALA Global Network satellite communications platform that provides a global IP network for VSAT terminals. emergency.lu uses permanently available SKALA bandwidth pools in both C-band and Ku-band which combine multiple beams on multiple satellites to create single global service area.

Unified Cybersafe Network

The SDWAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) service in the emergency.lu solution allows the creation of independent sub-networks inside the overall emergency.lu network. Each sub-network can be assigned to a defined mission and/or organization (e.g. Humanitarian, Communities), with its individual policies and rules offering cybersafe connectivity.

our kits

Technical Assets (Kits)

Rapid Deployment Kit

The Rapid deployment Kit is composed of a 1.3m Ku-band or a 2.4m inflatable C-band antenna, a NoSaCo® Rapid integrating a satellite modem and an SDWAN endpoint, as well as a Wi-Fi access point. An additional Nomadic Power can provide a power management solution. All Kit accessories are stored in an independent Accessory box. The Kit is IATA compliant.

NoSaCo® Rapid v2 terminal

The NoSaCo® Rapid VSAT terminal is an outdoor weather resistant unit integrating the modem inside the terminal. It features a shock protection mechanism based on special foam design. The NoSaCo® adds an integrated service monitoring using a dedicated web interface. Integrated service modules based on QEMU/KVM virtual machines are added in the terminal, such as SDWAN remote function. It empowers any application to run locally within a virtual machine or a Docker container.

Ku-band Antenna System

The emergency.lu Ku-Rapid antenna is a highly portable SKALA-compatible 1.3m Ku-band flyaway VSAT antenna system designed to provide stable and reliable satellite connectivity while meeting IATA weight and dimension requirements for checked baggage. The antenna fits into two airline checkable transport cases and easily be installed by a single person.

C-band Antenna System

The emergency.lu C-band inflatable antenna is a highly portable SKALA-compatible 2.4m C-band antenna system designed to provide stable and reliable satellite connectivity while meeting IATA weight and dimension requirements for checked baggage. The antenna fits into four airline checkable transport cases and be installed by one or two persons.

Nomadic Power

The Nomadic Power is a transportable, lightweight online Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), which keeps the critical components up and running even if no grid is available (e.g. switched off). It can be powered from various sources, also operated in parallel:

Long term Deployment Kit

The long term deployment Kit aims to support longer term deployments and may be deployed after the first response phase of the disaster relief mission to replace an existing Rapid Deployment Kit.

NoSaCo® Rack terminal

The NoSaCo® Rack is a compact indoor unit designed for efficient heat dissipation within its limited size. It includes a router, a PC and it provides 9 network connections. The terminal also integrates a Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n with internal antennas. The service can be monitored through a dedicated web interface. It Integrates service modules based on QEMU/KVM virtual machines can be added in the terminal, such as the SDWAN remote component. The NoSaCo® Rack is using boxes permitting stacking of the different modules. Also, the internal case can be extracted from the box and be mounted in a standard 19” rack allowing an easy transition when consolidating the local offices. The terminal is packed in one box only. The accessories are stored in both covers.

C/Ku-band Flyaway Antenna Systems

The main antenna system is a SKALA-compatible transportable 2.4m antenna system providing stable and reliable satellite connectivity in C-band or Ku-band. The antenna fits into eight transport cases for a total weight of around 500kg. The installation is toolless and typically requires a two-person team. The rugged construction of the antenna makes it well suited to longer deployments. This flyaway antenna system includes one SKALA-compatible outdoor modem which fits neatly to the back of the antenna, leading to a compact footprint and short coaxial cable lengths. Alternatively, a traditional fixed VSAT antenna with a non-penetrating mount, requiring tools for installation, and shipped in a crate rather than transport cases, can be used. The antenna can be installed by a two-man team and is typically expected to remain in a single location permanently. Modem and other active components are the same as for the flyaway option.