Philippines Typhoon Haiyan 2013

10/11/2013 31/05/2014


  • Tacloban
  • Guiuan
  • Ormoc
  • Estancia

Equipment deployed

  • NoSaCo® Rapid v2 terminal
  • Nomadic Power
  • C-band Antenna System
  • Ku-band Antenna System


On 10 November 2013, two rapid deployment kits, together with 4 VSAT experts from the Luxembourg Civil Protection, were deployed to the Philippines within the framework of an IHP support mission to UNDAC/OCHA. One additional rapid deployment kit and one regular kit were sent from the Humanitarian Response Depot in Dubai to the Philippines in support of the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC).

The first rapid deployment kit was set up on the roof of the Tacloban City Hall on 12 November as part of the ETC Response Solution and was fully operational on 15 November. It was completed by a wireless access control system provided by Ericsson Response. Within 2 weeks, more than 900 users registered to have access to the internet connectivity provided by in Tacloban, including the local government, UN agencies, NGOs.

As part of an IHP mission in support of OCHA/UNDAC, a second rapid deployment kit was set up in Ormoc at the City Hall to provide free internet and voice services to the humanitarian community working in Ormoc. It was dismantled after 4 days of operations, as soon as the local internet provider resumed services.

Two additional kits (one rapid and one regular deployment kit) were put into operation in Guiuan providing connectivity to about 800 humanitarian workers at the IHP base camp, as well as to the local government.

Another rapid deployment kit was installed in Estancia.

Staff deployed

Gilles Hoffmann
Portrait of Andrea Nicoletti Andrea Nicoletti

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