Farchana, Chad 2023

01/09/2023 Ongoing



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The conflict in Darfur has led to the looting and destruction of large numbers of UN offices, guesthouses and warehouses across the region, as well as the evacuation of international staff and the self-relocation of national staff. In just over four months, the conflict in neighbouring Sudan has forced a staggering number of people to cross into Chad in search of safety.

In the context of the International Humanitarian Partnership, Luxembourg supports the installation of a base camp in Farchana, Chad. The camp will accommodate staff from several UN agencies who will coordinate, deliver and distribute humanitarian assistance across the border in the areas of Darfur.

While the construction of the base camp in ongoing, an emergency.lu satellite communication terminal is operational since September 2023.

Staff deployed

Bram Krieps
Portrait of Jérôme Jaeger Jérôme Jaeger

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