Humanitarian ICT Week in Luxembourg, April 2014

ETC emergency telecommunications cluster

Hosted by the Government of Luxembourg, Humanitarian ICT Week involved three key events: the ETC Plenary Meeting, WGET ICT Humanitarian Forum and Technology Innovation Day, a forward looking and inspirational workshop.

The Working Group on Emergency Telecommunications (WGET) is an open forum to facilitate the operational use of telecommunications in the service of humanitarian assistance. The forum seeks to increase the effectiveness of its participants in terms of the regulatory, operational and technical aspects of telecommunications for disaster relief.

Aid organizations are constantly developing new solutions to identified problems to enhance the provision of humanitarian relief. Similarly, innovation drives private organizations as they seek to be better and more effective than before.

Technology Innovation Day seeks to enable key parties to discover what innovative solutions are out there that can support humanitarian objectives. It seeks to foster new partnerships, cooperation and collaboration, with the final aim being that, when the next emergency strikes, more lives can be saved.