UNHCR IT Emergency Management Training 2023

IT EMT Group Photo

Hosted by the Government of Luxembourg, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) IT Emergency Management Training took place at the CEFOS Facility in Remich from December 4th to December 14th. Over 11 days, 35 participants from UNHCR engaged in a dynamic learning experience focused on enhancing their skills and knowledge in managing IT […]

ETC Operations Course 2023

The ETC Operations Course is a three-day training course which is directed towards Humanitarian responders who are likely to deploy with the ETC or as part of other inter-agency ICT emergency responses.

100 Electricity Generators to Ukraine

Following Ukraine’s request through the European Union’s (EU) Civil Protection Mechanism, Luxembourg’s Development Cooperation has decided to send 100 electricity generators.

gear.UP 2023 – Tukastan Exercise

During this 2023 edition of the gear.UP event an 8-day field exercise was held designed to further advance the emergency response capabilities of the participants in a fictional scenario.

10 years emergency.lu (2022)

Public-private partnership emergency.lu was formed with the aim of providing communication services in remote areas hit by humanitarian crises. An initiative between the Luxembourg government, SES, Hitec Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Air Ambulance, the platform was first deployed in January 2012 to provide assistance during the civil war in South Sudan.