Local & remote services

emergency.lu offers a suite of local and remote services to facilitate communication and coordination services on site and with remote headquarters or teams.

  • Voice communication via Voice over IP technology
  • Instant Messaging
  • Tracking & Tracing of people and equipment
  • Map assessment
  • Food distribution and asset management
  • Situational reports
  • Integration of extensive local and remote data sources

In coordination with the Emergency Telecommunication Cluster (ETC), a central portal has been integrated in the platform: the global EPIC portal (http://www.globalepic.lu/).

This portal has been designed to provide an unified access to the different services offered by the platform.

According to the profile and the mission context, the portal is providing a common view on the managed information.

Web 2.0 Portal Home page Web 2.0 portal for mission administration
Web 2.0 portal document sharing functionality


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