What is emergency.lu?
emergency.lu is a unique and innovative integrated platform including applications, end devices and communication technologies. With the ability to deploy these rapidly to the crisis site, emergency.lu can assist major disaster relief and other emergencies, independent from existing infrastructures. These abilities create a pioneering platform that will promote the efficiency in rapid response and facilitate the processes. The concept based on know-how from Luxembourg combined with experience from international partners is the first one offering such a high degree of flexibility and performance.

What was the motivation to provide this solution?
The days following the Haiti earthquake in January 2010 showed that, despite great efforts in preparedness and response capacity worldwide, the humanitarian response to a disaster can be undermined if communication breaks down. Consequently, the Luxembourg government decided to set up a solution to help fill the communication gap during the first days after a large-scale disaster. With emergency.lu, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg puts at disposal of the International Community a global public good comprising the technical capacities and required logistics to answer the requirements of disaster relief

How do you ensure to be in-line with the requirements of the Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Community?
We ensure to meet these specific requirements due to a close cooperation with the United Nations and the EU. emergency.lu will collaborate with United Nations agencies for integration of the solution into existing communications infrastructures used in humanitarian operations. An initial partnership has been established with the UN World Food Programme as global lead of the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster. WFP and emergency.lu will also work together to integrate Emergency Preparedness Integration Centre (EPIC) and emergency.lu into one solution to meet demands for efficiency in humanitarian work.

Since when is emergency.lu operational?
emergency.lu has been launched on the 7th December 2011 at UN Headquarters in New York. It's first deployment took place in January 2012 in the Republic of South Sudan.

Who do we need to contact for more information?
emergency.lu is a global public good provided to the worldwide Humanitarian Community by the Luxembourg Government. For more information please contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Directorate of Development Cooperation (Contact Information).


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