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7 December 2011

In the presence of officials from the UN and member states, Luxembourg’s Minister for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs, Marie-Josée Jacobs, officially launched, in New York, on 7 December 2011. is a global multi-layer telecommunication platform. It was designed to help the humanitarian and civil protection community in the field to (re-)establish telecommunication services for effective communication and coordination of first responders. The platform provides satellite infrastructure and satellite capacity, communication terminals, and rapid deployment logistics in response to natural disasters or man-made crises. was initiated as a public-private partnership by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg together with HITEC Luxembourg, SES TechCom and Luxembourg Air Ambulance. It was developed in close collaboration with the World Food Programme in support of its role as the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster lead. It has been coordinated with major relevant international organisations, i.a. ITU, UNOCHA and the European Union, as well as with actors from civil society and the private sector, including Ericsson Response and Skype. is intended to serve as a global public good. Its first deployment will be launched in Mogadishu, Somalia by the end of 2011. Additional deployments are scheduled for early 2012 in the Republic of South Sudan.

Copyright: RPNY/Marc Weydert

Copyright: RPNY/Marc Weydert

Copyright: RPNY/Marc Weydert

Copyright: RPNY/Marc Weydert

Photos: Copyright RPNY/Marc Weydert

25 October 2011

The recent visit of the Madame la Ministre Jacobs and Monsieur le Ministre Frieden in Senegal was the opportunity to make a full-scale test deployment of the platform. The presentation was attended by many international humanitarian actors. The exercise was organised to validate the relevance and effectiveness of the satellite communications device developed by the Ministry and the company HITEC Luxembourg, SES Astra TechCom which rapid deployment is provided by Luxembourg Air Ambulance.

Rapid Deployment Kit in Dakar, Senegal

Rapid deployment to the test site in Dakar, Senegal































17 October 2011

Taking the opportunity of her visit to Luxembourg, the European Commissioner in charge of International Cooperation, Humanitarian Assistance and Crisis Management, Kristaline Georgieva was received by the Minister for Cooperation and Humanitarian Action Marie-Josée Jacobs. Kristalina Georgieva assisted then to a presentation of the platform in Betzdorf. As she said during the joint press conference with Minister Jacobs, the Commissioner was impressed by this device it sees as a "major project" called to "render important services to the community humanitarian. "Indeed, will soon coordinate the efforts of humanitarian actors, which is a vital coordination of humanitarian disasters.

European Commissioner Kristaline Georgieva and Minister Marie-Josée Jacobs


15 September 2011

The sixth edition of the Luxembourg Cooperation Conference was held from 14-16 September 2011, with the presence and active participation of many actors of cooperation: MPs, members of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the House of Representatives, Ambassadors of Luxembourg to the international institutions responsible for co-operation Directorate and the offices of the Luxembourg Cooperation in developing countries, responsible for the implementing agency Lux-Development, and representatives of partner countries and development NGOs Luxembourg.

The Minister for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Action, Marie-Josée Jacobs, and Executive Director of WFP, Josette Sheeran, have signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement relating to humanitarian and multilateral contributions the Government of Luxembourg for a total of 30.8 million euros for the years 2012 to 2015.

Minister Marie-Josée Jacobs and Executive Director of WFP, Josette Sheeran

In the presence of the Minister Jacobs and Executive Director of WFP, a presentation and demonstration of the project "" was made on the morning of 15 September, 2011.
To learn more about this event, watch the TV report and listen to the radio interview.

clip image003















28 April 2011

The Luxembourg Government entered into an agreement with a Joint Undertaking (JU) between HITEC Luxembourg S.A. and SES Astra TechCom S.A. to supply at a global level - in partnership with Ducair-Luxembourg Air Ambulance S.A. - a rapid response solution for disaster relief and humanitarian missions by year end 2011.

The photo was taken at the signing ceremony of the agreement with Marie-Josée Jacobs, Minister of Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid Affairsand Cooperation. From left to right: Laurent SAEUL (Chief Operating Officer of Ducair-Luxembourg Air Ambulance S.A.), Yves ELSEN (Managing Partner and CEO of HITEC Luxembourg S.A.), Marie-Josée JACOBS (Minister of Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs) and Gerard BETHSCHEIDER (Managing Director of SES ASTRA TechCom S.A.).












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