Update November 29th : Guiuan/Philippines

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Daily report from emergency.lu volunteer Paul in Guiuan, 29 November : Another long day is coming to an end. Today, we installed the Regular deployment kit near the university (see picture). It is foreseen that the IHP base camp will soon be moved to this new location. The rest of the day we spent with Ivan from WFP building the microwave link between the two camps. In addition to this we will installed a second link to provide the IOM office with internet. The links took us more time than we thought. After successfully testing the links on the desk,  we just need to get the links to the planned locations tomorrow. As Rob and Ivan are leaving tomorrow morning to Cebu for a meeting we’ll get up with the sun to get the links operational. In the afternoon Lukas and me will fix the antenna with bolts on the roof. Later we will do an inventory of the equipment which will go back to Tacloban.



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