Update November 20th : Philippines

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Yesterday, the emergency.lu satellite capacity over Asia was successfully increased by 2.5 Mbps, bringing the overall emergency.lu capacity in the region to 7.5 Mpbs on two satellite beams. This additional capacity was made available free of charge by SES TechCom to improve the quality of service for the large number of humanitarian organizations deploying to the Philippines and to allow them to communicate and work efficiently.

In parallel, an Luxembourg team assisted the Emergency Response and Coordination Center of the European Commission in setting up a skype videoconference with their representatives in Tacloban, Cebu and Ormoc,as well as the emergency.lu staff on the ground. The objective of this conference was to demonstrate the usefulness of the emergency.lu communication services for the coordination of the European response.


This morning, 2 additional emergency.lu VSAT experts left for the Philippines, one volunteer from the Luxembourg civil protection and one German colleague from the Technisches Hilfswerk (THW). They will be landing in Cebu tomorrow and will replace 3 Luxembourg civil protection volunteers leaving the Philippines next Friday. Their first mission will be to replace the Rapid deployment kit (with an inflatable antenna) in Tacloban with a Regular deployment kit (with a fixed satellite dish).

Meanwhile, more than 300 humanitarian workers are using the data connectivity services provided by emergency.lu in Tacloban.






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