Update : Philippines

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The first emergency.lu Rapid deployment kit terminal is operational since 15 November in Tacloban. It was jointly set up by WFP and volunteers from the Luxembourg Civil Protection on the roof of the Tacloban Town Hall. It is now providing Internet connectivity to the humanitarian community with the technology from emergency.lu, WFP and Ericsson Response. So far, the connectivity is being used by 3 UN agencies, 12 NGOs and by the local government. Technical experts from Ericsson Response have arrived today to complete the ETC team. The team is doing fine as water and food are available. 3 people currently are based in the City Hall in Tacloban. A second terminal will be set up at a hotel near the Tacloban City Stadium tomorrow to provide connectivity by microwave link to the stadium, including for the OSOCC and the IHP base camp located in the stadium.

One additional emergency.lu volunteer is based in Cebu waiting to deploy a Rapid deployment terminal as part of an IHP mission in support of OCHA/UNDAC .

A fourth terminal is already loaded on a cargo plane in Dubai and will be sent out to Cebu on 17 November.


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