Triplex 2013

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From 28 September to 4 October ‘’ participated in the ‘TRIPLEX 2013’, a large-scale simulation exercise organized by the civil protection network ‘International Humanitarian Partnership’ that took place in the border regions between Germany and Denmark. The exercise scenario  consisted in simulating a humanitarian response in the fictitious countries ‘Nordland’ and ‘Sydland’ after a category three cyclone having caused dead and wounded people, population movements, as well as severe damage to local infrastructure (in particular in communication systems).

The ‘’ team, made up of Luxembourg and German ICT experts from the Luxembourg Civil Protection and the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW), deployed a Regular terminal to the base of operations in Tinglev and a Rapid terminal to a Sub-OSOCC in Flensburg. All operations were conducted in close cooperation with the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster.

‘’ supplied satellite broadband connectivity to the United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination Team (UNDAC), to the European Union Civil Protection Team (EUCPT) and to all humanitarian actors involved in the exercise (approximately 300 participants).

The exercise proved that coordination and management of large-scale humanitarian response operations require reliable and powerful means of communication, considering that the local communication infrastructure is often affected by the disaster. ‘’ was specifically designed to fill this gap.



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